PartyCasino Blackjack

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Blackjack is getting regaining popularity as the most popular casino game. Especially online Blackjack. Some of it is a direct cause of the successful film “21” that was released last year. I hear non-stop reactions from occasional gamblers and especially young ones repeatedly saying “I played Blackjack in this casino, I play Blackjack in that casino”.

Everyone’s appetite has increased since “smart gamblers”, earning real money, has been introduced to the mainstream audience. So, who is this Black Jack? Was he really black? How was this game originated? I mean, before the online area at PartyCasino and its 100% bonus (hint: “USE3000” is the bonus code for that)

At the 17th century in France, where this game has been originated, it was called “vingt et un”. Vignt is 20, un is one, and it’s 21 altogether. One of the bonuses that the house offered was a 10:1 bonus for a black hand consisting of an ace of spades and a Black Jack (black because it was jack of spades or clubs). That’s how the game has been named. Despite the fact the in modern (online and offline) Blackjack – the player doesn’t have any advantage holding a Black Jack. Maybe, if there’s enough demand – you can send PartyCasino’s owners a mail ask them to bring the game back to its roots. Just remember that to play original Blackjack means you get no 3:2 bonus when you have 21. So, I suggest you stick to the original Blackjack, or any of its variations like Spanish 21 or pontoon.

When you play Blackjack online, it gives you lots of advantages

From longtime experience let us just congratulate you for making the wise choice and playing Blackjack. This game is about 50 / 50 between you and the house (PartyCasino, ofcourse). So playing online Blackjack in PartyCasino, after receiving 100% bonus on first deposit (promotion bonus) could be highly beneficial. Code is USE3000 in case you wondered, and it’s the best around! The software (you can also have no-download version here) is fun and very easy to use, and personally it's better than playing in a real UK Casino, because a player can keep track of his moves and see if he sticks to his strategy.

I personally find it much more fun and mind-challenging to play blackjack than any other game in PartyCasino. Over the years, it has proved to be also a good source of income. In a good day where you stick to your strategy no matter what you can make some real money ( also with betsson ). It’s not that I don’t like slot machines, roulette, keno, virtual races or any of the other 53 games – but I found blackjack to be my favorite of all games. Online and off.