About PartyCasino Bonus Code

AceOur team is located in Chelsea, London. Let me break it down for simplicity matters – by team I mean a group of friends, who hook up for a Casino trips around Europe, and sometimes Asia and the US. Let me correct myself again, we used to. We found PartyCasino, and from that moment on we decided to dedicate our trips around the world to other things. Our gambling remained online from ever since we discovered PartyCasino.

Afterwards, every Thursday we got together, played some games, each one in his personal laptop. We got seriously pissed off by the fact we didn’t use any bonus promotion code and got royally screwed. So we bothered ourselves to negotiate with the PartyGaming management, who gave an unexpectedly large bonus of 150%. That’s when we created this website.

So now our Thursdays are divided into two halves – we write an article on the first half, and on the second half we gamble ’till dawn J

We have earned our right to do so working in lousy jobs during the long and harsh week(well … one is retired, one doesn’t work probably and one is a pro gambler, but still…)!

Our team consists of:

Lane waxingon – The oldest fox of the gang, 47 years old, has two kids, lovely (she didn’t make me add the adjective. At all J )wife and a mean mastiff dog. Retired real estate business man.

Daivy hendrey – 22 years old, a longtime gambler, and engineer by profession.

Felix “two-tongue wallaby” - No one is really sure of how we met him, what does he do, how old is he, or any other detail but he keeps appearing every Thursday , ready to gamble.

Phillip neischair – the guy with the largest amount of luck. He claims to be a reporter for a local newspaper but I assume he makes most of his money playing the virtual dog race. He always knows who’s gonna win. Also master of blackjack strategy and a VIP member in every casino in vegas.